04/27 2022 SAPA Spring Meeting Information

Posted 04/27 by Tita Lovell

The 2022 SAPA Spring Meeting will be held at Paul Duke STEM HS in Norcross, GA. Directors - please refer to your emails for virtual access to the meeting.  Your in-person attendance is requested if you are planning to accept a nomination and/or the author of a proposal/new business. 


  • Welcome & 2022 recap
  • Approval of Fall Meeting Minutes
  • Review of Reports
  • Policy Proposal Discussion & Voting
  • Elections
  • New Business
Proposal Information
Proxy Information
If the primary representative for your unit (i.e. unit director) is unable to attend the meeting, you can designate someone else to serve as a voting proxy for your unit. They can be a member of your staff or another unit's director. Please use the link below to submit your proxy:
  • Please note - in order for your proxy to participate in voting, they must be added as a representative on your CompetitionSuite account.
  • Deadline is Friday, May 13th.
Elections Information
  • President (2-year term)
  • All Advisory Board positions (1-year term)
    • 1 representative from each scholastic class based on competitive results (Novice, SRA, SA, SNA, SO)
    • 1 representative to be chosen from any Cadet unit
    • 2 representatives from any scholastic class
    • 1 representative to be chosen from any Independent unit
  • Advisory Board At-Large position (selected from within elected Advisory Board) (1-year term to finish out term length)
  • Steering Committee positions (at least 2) (2-year term)
  • Executive at Large was removed from the list as it is a position chosen by the Executive Board. Please see updated Bylaws for more information.