Host an Event

Hosting a contest is a great fundraising opportunity! SAPA strives to work together with all contest hosts to ensure a well-run and successful event.

If you are interested in hosting a SAPA event, you must complete and submit a Contest Bid Application.  Once the application submission period ends, all properly completed applications will be reviewed and a contest schedule will be developed for the upcoming season by considering the following criteria:

  • Completed application with sponsorship fee
  • Application and fee received by the due date
  • Dates of availability of proposed contest sites
  • Flexibility of scheduling with multiple available dates

Once a final list of show host applicants is made, the Contest Director will create the schedule for the following competition season.  An overview of the schedule creation process can be viewed by clicking here.

If your organization is awarded a contest, we will partner closely with you to ensure your experience is as efficient and successful as possible.

To receive a Contest Bid Application or for more information on how to host a SAPA event please email SAPA contest director, Nora Lowery: