12/17 Please verify CompetitionSuite

Hello everyone,
We are getting close to the start of the 2019 guard season and I want to ensure to reach out again and remind any new SAPA directors or directors with a different unit than last year to please log in and verify your CompetitionSuite info. The main info to look for is the correct units listed and the correct classes for those units, and also a correct registration with your name and phone number for receipt of commentary texts during the show. I have entered many new directors into CompetitionSuite who should have received a registration email from CS. Please ensure you register, and download the CompetitionSuite app (CompetitionSuite Commentary) for quick and easy access to your unit's scores and judge commentaries. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please email me at (not on Facebook - I'm not on there often).

Chris Lowery
SAPA digital media admin/tabulator

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10/09 Updated SAPA Policy Manual & Bylaws Now Available!
The 2018-2019 SAPA Policy Manual and Bylaws have been updated.  To view these documents, please log into your account, go to Resources, and then click on the Director's Only link.
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09/25 2018 SAPA Fall Meeting Minutes
The 2018 SAPA Fall Meeting Minutes are now located on the Resources page underneath the Reports tab.  Thank you to all of you who attended the meeting, and we look forward to seeing you this fall at one of our upcoming webinars!
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09/07 2019 Show Schedule
 Please see below for the 2019 Season Schedule
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09/04 2018 SAPA Fall Meeting - Sunday, September 23rd
With the end of August comes the beginning of the winter season!  The executive board has been hard at work over the summer discussing and preparing for the upcoming season.
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