03/14 Reclassification reminder
What an awesome season we're having!! I just wanted to send a reminder to all unit directors about reclassification. Below is on page 19 of our policy manual. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
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02/24 Acceptable show music file types for uploading to CompetitionSuite

Hello everyone...
If you are uploading your show music to CompetitionSuite, please keep in mind that at this time AAC files (iTunes) are incompatible.  The file must be an MP3, MP4, or WAV file.  Please ensure to convert any AAC files to an acceptible format prior to uploading to CompetitionSuite.

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02/07 Critique Signup using CompetitionSuite
Hello everyone!
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02/02 Reclassification Starting
Hello SAPA Family,
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01/26 Fred Feeney Memo on Instructor/Judge Communication
All Directors and Staff:
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