08/19 CompetitionSuite updates
If you are a director who is with a different unit than last season or a you are a new director, please contact me at in order to get updated in CompetitionSuite.
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08/15 2014-2015 SAPA Policy Manual
Attention directors! The 2014-2015 SAPA Policy Manual has been fully revitalized and is now available on the website! There is a new section at the end of the manual which details all the changes which have been made for quick reference. Check out the new look and remind yourselves of pertinent policies before the start of the season. And don't forget, our annual Fall Meeting will occur on Sunday, September 21st!
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08/10 Website Registration
As announced a week ago, all units and directors have been removed from the SAPA website database in order to reorganize and prepare for the upcoming 2015 season. If you are a unit director, please register yourself on the SAPA website. Once your user registration is completed, you can then register your unit.
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08/06 Interested in Hosting an Event in 2015?
Contest bid applications are now available for 2015.
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08/03 Website Updates
Just a heads up that all units will be deleted from the SAPA website this week in preparation for the upcoming 2015 season. Additionally, due to all the directorial changes that have happened with many units, all directors will be deleted in order for us to reorganize the admin side of the website a bit better. I will post updates here and on FB. Once this is done, I will ask for everyone to re-register.  Thanks!
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