01/21 Winter Weather Policy Reminder

Posted 01/21 by Brian Giddens

As we enter the time of season where the possibility for winter weather exists, please know that the SAPA Admin and Staff monitor the weather and communicate daily with show sponsors with regard to the status of the show. As soon as we know something about changes relative to the contest day, we will reach out ASAP via email, website post, and Facebook alerts. We make every effort to be patient and not panic as the weather in our area can be extremely unpredictable. Directors, please keep in mind your responsibilities as it pertains to withdrawal and any subsequent fees due. Below is the policy on show attendance, weather, related fees and applicable procedure:


In order to have a withdrawal fee waived due to circumstances surrounding “weather,” all withdrawals from registered events must be accompanied by a letter from the principal of the school on school letterhead stating the students will not be allowed to travel and attend the event. The requirement for the official letter from the principal can be met if the unit’s school district is closed on the Friday prior to the event in question.