09/30 Percussion Update from Mark Hunter

Posted 09/30 by Mark Hunter

Here's a quick wrap up of what we have discussed in the area of percussion:

Judges: The judging panel this year is stronger than the previous 2. There is at least 1 WGI judge at every show. There is a double panel for finals and there is at least 3 WGI judges. It has all been set but the exact number escapes me at the moment. There have been small tweaks and some addition of new blood for all percussion judging. We are pleased with the positive direction, as we hope you are. 

Facilities: NO POLES IN DOORS! What did you want? No poles in doors. You got it. The curtain at finals will be pulled back another 5-10 feet. There will be a place designated for you to run your soundboard wirelessly in the stands at every show. We have a good rain plan for finals, but we are still looking into a possible noise issue.

Changes: In WGI they will be trying out a 4th judge this year. The 4th judge will be a kind of "overall" judge. We will not do this this year. If WGI decides to go forward with this officially next year, we will follow their lead.

Opportunities: There will be WGI Percussion Judging symposiums in the near future. These will be posted on their website soon

Music City Mystique will be performing at SAPA Championships as well as Palmetto Percussion. This is a wonderful opportunity for your students to see two fantastic Independent World Class groups! We couldn't be more excited about these groups involvement. We will try to raise their involvement in the future.

Please know that Matt and myself are very involved with SAPA. We have been in constant contact with Steve Calhoun and the eboard. Many problems that people voiced were easy to clear up. When we say we are going to do something, we do it! We are both here to make this better for you. We want your groups to have the best experience possible!! Any questions, answers, or concerns, please contact us. Don't be a stranger. Have a nice week!