03/22 New Video Company at SAPA Championships

Posted 03/22 by Ahmed Alshabibi

There is a new video company producing the DVDs for Championships this year: SoundAround Audio/Video. It is shaping up to be a great production as they are not only bringing 5 HD cameras, but they will also be making Instant Wide-Angle DVDs available for purchase which is something we have never had before!

Each unit director will receive 1 complimentary wide-angle DVD of their performance. These DVDs will be included in your score recap packet which you will need to pick up at the end of the awards ceremony. These wide angle videos will not be available online after the event, so be sure to pick up your complimentary DVD in your packet. If you do not pick up your packet, the video can be mailed to you, but you must pay for shipping in order to receive your DVD.

Please encourage your students and parents to pre-order the DVDs online at SoundAround’s online store: Let your students and parents know that there is a discount for all pre-ordered DVDs and prices will be higher at Championships.  Please check the website for details.