12/22 Important CompetitionSuite Registration!

Posted 12/22 by Christopher Lowery

Hello everyone!  The upcoming 2015 SAPA season is fast approaching and it is now time for me to get CompetitionSuite properly set up.  If you are a new director or staff member with SAPA this year, you are a director or staff member who is now associated with a different unit than you were associated with last year, or you are associated with additional units on top of the units you were associated with last year, please use the following link to ensure you are properly set up in the system for the upcoming season. 

Click on me for CompetitionSuite Registration Instructions

Any change in your status or any new addition must be properly registered in CompetitionSuite in order for you to receive judge commentaries during the show.  Also, I cannot stress enough to ensure you register your phone number when registering.  Please follow the instructions completely.  No phone number in the system = no judge commentaries, and this applies whether you are a director or staff.  There is no limit to the number of people per unit who can receive judge commentaries, but each person must be registered in the system with a phone number.  If you have any questions not answered in this instructional pdf, please contact me at

Thanks, and have a GREAT holiday!

Chris Lowery
SAPA media tech & tabulator