02/07 Critique Signup using CompetitionSuite

Posted 02/07 by Christopher Lowery

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce SAPA will be taking the next step forward by implementing online critique signup.  Starting with this week’s Harrison show, you will be able to sign up for critique using CompetitionSuite.  There will be an initial number of three time slots per critique with three units able to sign up for each slot.  Additional slots will be added when all available slots are filled.  To sign up for critique, click on Upcoming Events and you will now see a button for Critique Signup starting the Thursday before each show.  Click the “Critique Signup” button and select the time slot you prefer by clicking the “Register” button for the corresponding time slot.  You will only be allowed to choose one time slot at a time.  If you want to change your time, click the “Cancel” button next to the chosen time slot.  Electronic critique signup will be turned off when the last unit (prior to the early retreat) is finished with their performance.  For units performing in the latter portion of the day, critique signup will remain unavailable during the lunch break and will be reactivated once the lunch break is completed.  It will remain available until the last performance of the day.  If there are no time slots available prior to the day of the show, please contact me at or Nora at  If no time slots are available on the day of the show, please come see me or Nora in person at the administration table (please do not send an email or FB message!) and another time slot will be added.  If you have any questions, please contact me via email.