01/03 CompetitionSuite Registration for SAPA

Posted 01/03 by Christopher Lowery

Hello everyone.  We are down to two weeks until the start of the 2016 SAPA season and I want to ensure to reach out one last time to get everyone set in CompetitionSuite.  If you are a unit director or staff for a guard, percussion, or winds unit, and you should be receiving judge commentaries, please log into CompetitionSuite and ensure you see all units you are associated with listed correctly.  Also, PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED A PHONE NUMBER.  If you do not see all of your units listed correctly, or you are a new director and do not understand what I am referring to, please email me at to get everything set up.  

Thanks, and we are looking forward to the upcoming SAPA 10th anniversary being the best year yet!

Chris Lowery
SAPA tabulator and media tech