03/31 A Closing SAPA Championships Thought

Posted 03/31 by Brian Giddens

As I reflect, not only on the 2014 SAPA season, but also the 2014 Championships, I come back to one simple word to describe the resulting conclusion I reach about both...PROUD! While I say this for myself, I encourage each of you to also be proud of yourselves and what you have done over the course of this season. The work I saw on display this weekend is a testament to the hours spent in dedication to this activity. That work on the part of performers, staff members, parents, and the SAPA administrative team is so worth our time, to say nothing of in pursuit of that passion we feel for what we do. I would like to thank all of you for what you do to provide, through strong products and performances, evidence that we truly are one of the strongest circuits in the country. Thank you for pouring your passion into the products that help to solidify SAPA as one of the best. Continue to do great work, and we will continue to do our part to give you an organization that gets better and better!


Here's to a GREAT 2014...and let's get busy on 2015!!!


Thank you,

Brian Giddens

President, SAPA