01/12 2017 SAPA Education Day Events

Posted 01/12 by Megan Phillips

Thank you to everyone who has completed the SAPA Education Survey! Survey results showed that 80% of those that responded wanted early season design tips and a chance to talk through their specific show with knowledgeable members of the community. Respondents also asked for additional information and tips on having a better, more effective critique experience.  We hope to address both of these needs leading up to and during our contest-day education events at the East Coweta, Mill Creek, and Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School shows. Participation in the education portion of ONE of these show days will count towards your championship requirement. Below are the details regarding the events.


SAPA Education Day Events 2017

In the coming weeks, you will receive materials on getting the most out of your critique experience. You can use these techniques and information as you prepare for your first critique of the 2017 season.

On show day, two things will be provided to staff as part of our education initiative:

  1. An overview tape created specifically for your students. This tape will be created by a master teacher who is GREAT at speaking directly to the performers. 
  2. An expanded critique opportunity that will offer time to discuss show-specific design at length:
    • Critique 1:  A regular rotation with three stations that instructors rotate through at 3-minute intervals. The three stations will be Movement, Equipment, and Design Analysis. 
    • Critique 2:  An educational overview rotation that has three stations with one judge each: either the hired Overview judge or one of the two General Effect judges. In the overview room, directors will go to ONE judge table and spend the entire nine minutes there. During this time, instructors are encouraged to provide a video of your group’s performance and any materials that may help you have a productive design conversation with the judge (uniform sketch/flag/floor design, additional music, drill or choreography plans, etc). Be on the lookout for additional tips on how to use this time to your advantage.

In order to better facilitate our expanded critique experience, please email Nora Lowery at if you would like to participate in the educational overview critique. We ask that you email her no later than the Thursday prior to each show day.