08/31 2015 SAPA Fall Meeting - September 20th

Posted 08/31 by Tita Lovell

The temperatures are finally starting to cool down from the scorching summer we have had this year, and that means only one thing... winter season is quickly approaching!  This e-mail is a reminder regarding the fall meeting in addition to registering your unit on the website.

2015 SAPA Fall Meeting
Sunday, September 20th
Georgia State University campus -- details on parking and meeting location to be provided at a later date

During the meeting, we will remind you of important policy changes in both SAPA and WGI.  In addition, we will be releasing the finalized show schedule for you to start considering for your individual units.  Remember, attendance at this meeting counts for your active membership requirement in order to receive unit badges next year (check the SAPA Policy Manual, pg. 5, for further details).

Lastly, please be sure to register your unit on the website as soon as possible.  Every year you must re-register your unit on the website as we clear the database at the end of every season.  Remember, event registration opens for paid SAPA members on October 1, so the sooner you register your unit, the sooner you can pay to register!  If you are unsure how to register your unit on the website, check out the following tutorial:  Additionally, please contact myself ( or Chris Lowery ( should you have technical problems with registering your unit.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 20th!

SAPA Secretary