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Mailing Address:
Southern Association for Performance Arts
10719 Alpharetta Hwy #2147
Roswell, GA 30077 

Email Contacts for your Questions
Administrative issues - please contact Tita Anderson Lovell at
Circuit championships - please contact Ahmed Alshabibi at
Circuit events - please contact Nora Lowery at
CompetitionSuite - please contact Christopher Lowery at
Show music - please contact Gregory Turner at
Unit/User registration - please contact Nora Lowery at
Website issues - please contact Christopher Lowery at

Email Contacts for your Suggestions
Color Guard - please contact the Color Guard Steering Committee at
Percussion and Winds - please contact the Music Steering Committee at

Email Executive Board and Staff
To email the entire executive board please send email to
To email individual executive board members or staff, please use the links below


Executive Board

Brian Giddens

Andria Foerch
Vice President of Color Guard

Mark Hunter
Vice President of Music

Erin England
Color Guard At-Large Rep

Erik Mason
Music At-Large Rep

Tita Anderson Lovell

Circuit Staff

Nora Lowery
Contest Director

Christopher Lowery
Digital Media Technician / Tabulator

Ahmed AlShabibi
Championships Coordinator

Gregory Turner
Sound Technician

Drew Solomonson
Chief Financial Officer

Scott Beck
Judge Administrator

Rick Subel
Education Co-Director

Megan Phillips
Education Co-Director

Steering Committee Members

Rodney Bailey
Color Guard Steering Committee

Daniel Gray
Music Steering Committee

Katie Pacifico
Color Guard Steering Committee

Ira Jenkins
Music Steering Committee

Megan Phillips
Color Guard Steering Committee

Brandon Worley
Music Steering Committee

Chief Judges

Fred Feeney
Color Guard Chief Judge